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Advanced Energy Systems, AES, is providing solutions on Electricity saving, in collaboration with Circutor, Spain.

We provide solutions for:

1.       Improving energy efficiency in electricity
2.       Industrial electrical protection
3.       Power quality measurement and control units,
4.       Reactive energy compensation
5.       Harmonic filtering 
6.       Street light management system, CIRLAMP
7 .       Renewable energy (Grid tied & off-grid)
8 .       Online (web based) energy monitoring and controlling system

Circutor has over 40 years experience and 6 production centers in Spain and providing solutions with over 3,000 products in over 100 countries worldwide. 

Some of our famous products are as follows:


Portable Power Analyzer for three-phase and single-phase electrical networks with simultaneous measurement of leakage current, power quality and recording of transients.

  • AR6 is the best tool for visualizing and analyzing the network’s problems regardless of whether it is a single-phase or three-phase network.
  • It allows recordings of the most common electrical parameters and also those specifically related to supply quality such as overvoltages, swell, sags and transients.
  • Thanks to the graphical display of harmonics, phasors and waveforms, the user can detect anomalies in the installation simply by connecting the device.
  • Measurement of the main electrical parameters.
  • True root mean square measure (TRMS).
  • 5.7” colour graphic screen.
  • Includes meter for energy consumed and generated.
  • Has 5 voltage measurement inputs and 5 current channels.
  • Configurable trigger menu via level and time trigger.
  • Multiple languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian).
  • Recording of voltage-quality events (class B) via configurable menu.
  • 600 CAT IV, 1000V CAT III (EN 61010).
  • CE marking.
  • Analysis of records via Power Vision plus PC software.
  • Simple and intuitive menu for device configuration.
  • List of detected disturbances in tables.
  • Display of wave shapes of transients recorded.
  • Manual or programmed PHOTO captures (wave shapes of 9 channels along with instantaneous values).
  • Compatible with AR5-L pins.
  • Automatic detection of clamps.
  • Memory download via USB connection.
  • Graphic display of phasors, harmonics and wave shapes.

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The CVM-C10 is a power analyzer for 96x96 mm panels with a compact energy log and four-quadrant measurement (consumption and generation). Suitable for medium- and lowvoltage installations in three-phase circuits with three or four wires, two-phase circuits with or without neutral, ARON connections or single-phase systems.

Display features and interface:

  • Quick display using a single button
  • Capacitive keypad with three keys
  • Backlit high-contrast LCD screen

Other features:

  • Modbus RS-485 serial communications
  • 2 transistor outputs configurable for impulses or alarms
  • 2 relay outputs configurable as alarms
  • 2 digital inputs for selecting three tariffs or detecting logical states
  • Allows for tariff selection through communications
  • Precision class 0.5 in voltage, current and power; 1 in energy

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CVM-K2, is three-phase power analyzer (balanced and unbalanced) for its assembly on panel or DIN rail mounting with a graphical display. Measuring in 4 quadrants.

Other features include:

  • Class 0.2 or 0.5 power and energy
  • Measuring of Class B supply quality events (guaranteeing the power supply of the unit with an UPS, battery, etc.)
  • Current measuring .../5 or .../1 A
  • Measure of neutral current with transformer
  • Optional energy consumption and generation billing (up to 9 rates)
  • RS-485 Modbus/RTU Communications
  • Expansion possibilities (up to 3 modules)
  • Backlit graphical display
  • Instantaneous display of maximum and minimum electrical parameters with date and hour
  • Measure of energy consumed and generated, up to 100 GW·h
  • Universal series power supply
  • With ITF technology: galvanic insulation protection inputs

Applied to the control of general switchboards and low, medium and high voltage connection points

  • Alarm station with voltage-free digital inputs
  • Submetering station: impulse meter with other types of consumption, such as gas, water, steam, etc. with their digital inputs
  • Measuring converter: optional association of an instantaneous parameter to one of the analogue outputs available (0...20 mA / 4...20 mA)
  • Instantaneous, maximum and minimum parameter recording unit, with date and hour and an expandable memory card
  • Power quality analyzer: harmonic decomposition up to order 50º, asymmetries, flicker, unbalances, overvoltages, gaps, interruptions, etc.

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CIRCUTOR’s Electrical Energy Efficiency software (e3) is currently called PowerStudio and encompasses all of the tools needed to manage your power control equipment: from electricity, gas and water meters to reactive energy compensation systems and powerful power analyzers. 

PowerStudio is a simple, powerful and user-friendly software application, enabling the following:

  • Complete energy studies
  • Production ratios (energy consumption per unit produced)
  • Power quality management
  • Arrangement of the information obtained in graphic and table format

It enables complete energy monitoring of power analyzers, meters, earth leakage relays and total control of various magnitudes in the industrial process field.

PowerStudio, in conjunction with CIRCUTOR equipment and systems, adapts to your particular needs by providing tools for the supervision and control of your installations.



The solution developed by CIRCUTOR based on CirLamp, enables smart street lighting management, to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The possibility of remotely controlling the working of each lighting point offers numerous advantages over alternatives that propose single head-end control.

The CirLamp system provides both the flexibility of point-to-point control and ease of maintenance management, having a direct impact on electrical energy consumption and user satisfaction.





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